Bafa Yag Sanayi produces extra virgin and virgin olive oil. The olive that will turn into oil is collected from Bafa, Milas and Soke area and squeezed by the cold press method. The most important contribution of this method is to keep the contents, which is special to olive oil that is antioxidant and highly nutritious factor. Furthermore, the olive oil maintains its original, natural taste and aroma thanks to this method.

Besides EVOO and VOO, Bafa has also started to produce Olive Oil (blended virgin and refined olive oil) since 2005. You can download a product catalogue by clicking this link.


kucuk sise

Our products are supplied to sale several packages such as 250 ml (8.45 fl. oz), 500 ml (16.91 fl. oz.), 750 ml (25.36 fl. oz.) and 1 litre (33.81 fl. oz) glass bottles  and 5 litre (169.05 fl. oz) and 10 litre (338.1 fl.oz.) tin cans. The careful attention during production process is continued on packages and packaging. For supplying clean and healthy products to consumers, the maximum effort  is made.

* The measurement units shown in parantheses are American. 


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We sell our products in retail shop at the garden of our plant. The car-travelers who take Milas-Bodrum highway from Istanbul or Izmir no doubt pay attention to our plant in Bafa town after passing Bafa Lake.

Who wants to buy the best quality of olive oil of the region absolutely must stop by our plant and see the difference of the olive oil we produce.

It must be for this reason, most 'gourmet' costumers who live in metropolis and once have purchased olive oil there want to order from our shop in plant instead of buying one of countless brands in supermarkets. 

For order please mail to: