Bafa Olive Oil Co. has been producing quality olive oil from olives of the Southwestern region of Turkey, namely Milas, Mugla and Aydin in its plant which was built in 1957 and  modernised and renovated end to end in 1996. In the plant, olive turns into olive oil through a clean and continuous process. Only extra virgin and virgin olive oil is produced in the plant. Special type of olive oil is also produced by the method Sinolea which is a modern way of obtaining antique taste of olive oil.

Bafa is a small town near Milas on the road to Milas/Bodrum from Istanbul/Izmir. If you cross this way and would like to buy some high quality olive oil or simply to visit an olive oil plant and to see how olive oil is produced, please stop by to see our plant. Our hospitality will surprise you.

In the ancient Karia region where Bafa is in, olive oil has been producing since ancient times. The ruins of ancient cities such as Heraklia, Euromos and Iassos have been living together with olive trees for thousands of years.