Around Bafa

Region Map (Southern Aegea)

Bafa is a small town near Milas and on the Izmir-Milas/Bodrum Highway. As seen on the map above, the Bafa town is on the 55th Km after leaving Soke. When the Bafa Lake that is at left side of the highway stays behind you it is the second settlement you will see. 


In the ancient Karia region, which Bafa is in, olive oil has been producing since ancient times.  Ancient cities like Heraklia, Euromos and Iassos has been living together with olive trees in peace for thousands of years. Above an olive tree is seen in ancient city of Euromos. 


The Bafa Lake is a national protected nature park that has several natural and historical beauties. They say both sweet water and sea fish lives in the lake. It is possible because once upon a time the Bafa Lake was a bay at the Aegean Sea, then the mouth of the bay were closed by the sediments of the Menderes River (its ancient era name was Maiandros). But, the lake is carrying on its relation with the Aegean Sea. And the sediments piled up by Menderes River have formed today's fertile plain of Soke.

There are a number of islets with historical places and ruins in the Bafa Lake. Ancient city of Heraklia, once a rich harbor city, today lies inside the village Kapikiri. On the Latmos (Besparmak) Mountains, you can find a number of monasteries and chapels similar to the ones in Cappadocia. 

Since the lake is on the migration path of the birds of passage, bird watchers and ornithologists come here from everywhere on the world.

The region also attracts attention of trekkers, bikers and amateur photographers; tours are organised every year on spring and autumn.